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Wood Floor Acoustics & Sound-Dampening Cork Underlayment

One of the most common concerns or complaints about hardwood flooring is the noise that it can cause. This noise can be caused by squeaky boards, foot traffic, dog claws, or dropped objects. Because wood floors don't have anything soft to absorb sound, noises can reverberate, echo, and multiply, making them sound louder as they spread throughout your space. The noise caused by wood floors can range from feeling like a mild distraction, such as to a neighbor down the hall, to creating an intolerable living situation, as might be the case for a person whose apartment is directly beneath the wood floor. That's why, at Gäte Hardwood Floors, we feel that it is incredibly important to educate our clients about including a sound-dampening underlayment with any new wood floor installation.

For wood flooring, cork underlayment is one of the best options for sound reduction. It not only dampens sound, but absorbs it. This makes it a great choice for multi-level homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, office lobbies, and any room with high ceilings. With cork's porous structure, sound waves literally sink into the cork and are broken up rather than being bounced around. Cork material is so effective at reducing sound that it is often used in recording studios for soundproofing.

Additionally, cork's sponge-like quality allows a wood floor to be a bit more yielding, so walking across it feels more comfortable and objects don't always immediately break when dropped on it. Gäte Hardwood Floors can get cork underlayment for your wood floors in ¼" and ½" thicknesses.

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