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How to Choose a Qualified Wood Floor Installer

Because there are numerous hardwood flooring companies that serve the Boise area, it's important to choose a qualified professional who can help you realize your vision and work within your budget. The ideal contractor should be reputable, experienced, and customer service focused. You also want your wood floor installer to be familiar with trade standards and the many different wood flooring products and finishes available today.

At Gäte Hardwood Floors, we have more than 30 years of hardwood flooring experience and are passionate about hardwood floors. We understand that new wood floors need to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Since wood is a hygroscopic material (a type of material that pulls water from the ground and air), it is highly sensitive to its environment. So, every wood floor need to also be designed and installed in a way that will protect it from its surroundings. For all these reasons and more, you need to take the time to identify the best hardwood floor installer for your needs.

Option 1: Full-Service Hardwood Flooring Company

When you choose a wood flooring company, you know that your wood floors are being installed by experienced craftsmen who only work with hardwood flooring, day in and day out. These types of companies have staff who understand every aspect of the hardwood flooring industry and will help you every step of the way. Typically, a hardwood flooring company will assess your site, measure your space, and try to get a clear understanding of your goals and vision, before making product recommendations. They can place the product order for you, arrange for delivery (allowing adequate time for the wood to acclimate), and prepare the site as needed. They will also install the floors, handle all clean up, and provide guidance on how to care and maintain your specific type of wood floor and finish floors. While this can be a more expensive option, it is also the most comprehensive and reliable. Most full-service wood flooring contractors guarantee their workmanship and ensure that the best installation practices are followed to protect manufacturer warranties.

Option 2: General Contractor

If you're building a new home then another option available to you is allowing your general contractor to install your new hardwood flooring. While this can be a less expensive option, there are no assurances that you will get a professional wood floor installer who understands the nuances of hardwood floor installation. We've heard of general contractors in the past who have used subcontractors or carpentry laborers or subcontractors. These potentially less-experienced staff may not be aware of the latest wood flooring products and finishes, or may not know how to avoid common mistakes that could potentially result in cupping, gaps, or buckling over time.

Whether you choose a general contractor or a hardwood flooring company, you'll want to make sure the business is reputable, and licensed. It also helps to look for a contractor that offers a free consultation. Consultations are the best opportunity to get a sense of a contractor's knowledge, business practices, prices, and guarantees. Ideally, you should feel comfortable working with the staff, and gain some useful advice in the process.

Option 3: Do It Yourself

Purchasing and installing your own wood flooring is also an option. While doing the job yourself often appears to be the most economical, it has the highest potential of costing you more money in the future. That's because, if you end up not properly preparing the substrate or assessing for moisture, you could end up having to replace your wood flooring in a short amount of time without any warranties to fall back on.

Option 4: Hire a Professional Installer but Purchase the Floors Yourself

Should you choose to hire a reputable wood flooring installer to install a floor that you purchase on your own, you could potentially save yourself some money. However, if the floor were to fail later, the installer may not be able to cover the cost of complete removal and replacement of your wood floor.

Every year over one billion dollars' worth of wood flooring is wasted because of improper installation practices and environmental damage because of issues like moisture. By choosing Gäte Hardwood Floors, a full-service hardwood flooring installation company based in the Boise area, you can rest assured that every aspect of your wood flooring project will be handled with professionalism and great care.

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