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How to Avoid & Handle Common Wood Flooring Problems

Having repaired, refinished, and restored thousands of hardwood floors over the years, Gäte Hardwood Floors has seen what can happen when a wood floor wasn't properly installed, finished, or cared for.

Common Problems Are Generally Due to Poor Installation, Finishing or Maintenance

Some common problems that arise from a poor hardwood floor installation include:

  • Cupping (boards that bow or lift from the substrate)
  • Gaps appearing between boards
  • Varnish wearing too quickly
  • Finish discoloration.

These flooring failures can happen because boards were not allowed sufficient time to acclimate to the site, poor substrate conditions that existed prior to installation, and/or poor moisture conditions after installation. These problems could also result from using cleaners that were not recommended by the manufacturer, or waiting too long to reapply protective finishes.

Keep a Watchful Eye During Installation to Avoid Future Issues

A quality wood flooring installation depends upon a properly prepared substrate. Because this is so critical to the success of the wood flooring project, we suggest that consumers (or their project managers) inspect the condition of the substrate before installation begins. Ideally, the job should be inspected regularly throughout the job to ensure that the quality of work being done holds up to the client's standards. If left unsupervised, you may find out too late that the installation company you hired is not as experienced as you thought they were.

Communication Is Key to Getting the Floors You Want

As soon as you notice things going awry, you should meet with the flooring company's on-site supervisor to discuss your concerns. Any professional hardwood flooring company should be able to make reasonable adjustments along the way so that you end up getting the wood floor you envisioned. Effective communication between the consumer and the installer is key to a successful installation.

What To Do If You Notice Problems With Your New Hardwood Floors

Whenever a consumer finds that after a few months or years their hardwood floor's finish has not held up like they expected, it's important to contact the installation company immediately to discuss it. Set up a time for a representative to come out to your site and be prepared to point out every area of concern. A professional wood flooring installation company should have detailed records of the job, including the wood acclimation time, site conditions before and during installation, and a description of the exact methods that were used when installing your wood floors. With this information, the company should be able to determine the cause of the problem and propose a solution to resolve it.

Gäte Hardwood Floor's highly trained specialists are passionate about wood flooring, and we feel obligated to stress to our clients how important it is that they hire a highly qualified hardwood floor installation company. If you'd like to arrange a free on-site wood floor installation, maintenance, or refinishing consultation at your home in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, or another nearby area, call us today. We'll answer any questions or concerns you have about a new or existing hardwood floor.

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