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Gate Hardwood Floors offers the best value in Boise, Idaho, for hardwood floor refinishing and restoration services. Bringing over 30 years of experience to every job, we're able to successfully repair and restore all types of hardwood flooring. While our craftsmen consistently deliver exceptional results, we still keep our rates highly competitive.

Do Your Floors Need to Be Refinished?

It is a common misconception that a dull or worn finish automatically means that your wood floors must be refinished. We've found that many of our customers only need to have their hardwood thoroughly cleaned and recoated with the proper finish. Additionally, by staying on top of their recommended maintenance services, these clients should be able to completely avoid a complete refinish.

However, when neglected and/or subjected to heavy foot traffic, a hardwood floor's protective finish can wear away completely, leaving the wood itself vulnerable to damage that can be caused by dirt, debris, UV rays, water, and more. In instances like this, refinishing would be required to restore the wood floor's innate beauty. Because sanding removes between 1/32” and 1/16” of wood from your existing floor, we only recommend hardwood floor refinishing when it is truly necessary.

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Our refinishing process starts with a free on-site consultation where we assess your floors, alert you to any potential issues, and review the process. We'll also go through a variety of logistics, such as who will move the furniture, deciding what needs to be covered, figuring out if anyone will need to access the floor, and whether or not you want us to remove the baseboards or base shoe (which yields a better finished floor). During this meeting, we will also spend a good amount of time on color. We are experts at mixing and matching colors and working with aniline dyes. So, whether you want a floor to have its own unique character, or you just want to punch up the natural color of your wood, we're confident that we will give you a stunning floor that captures your vision.


Once we have complete clarity on your refinishing project, we will provide an estimate and determine the schedule. We show up when we say we will; mask off drapes, shades, cabinets, wallpaper, etc.; seal the space we will be working in; and get started with sanding. Our sanding process typically takes longer and involves more machines than other hardwood flooring companies because we believe in taking the extra time and effort to ensure a beautiful floor. We will first rough sand the floors to remove any existing finish and get a completely flat surface. We'll use filler if there are any gaps and then get started with our fine sanding process. Because of the extra steps and precautions we take in our sanding process, we leave no scratches or machine marks and create little to no dust.

Color & Finish Application

Once the floors are sanded flat and completely clean, we start our color work and finishing process. Once the proper color is achieved, we apply the finish. We typically use a two-coat system, but the number of coats is really dependent upon the finish you select. If you aren't sure which finish to use, we can provide recommendations based upon the level of traffic you expect and how much effort you want to put into maintaining your floors. Once the finish is applied and it has been given enough time to cure, we start cleaning our work area. To ensure we have left the area as clean and dust-free as possible, we conduct an actual white glove test before we leave.

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